Admittedly, Ima Bratt is no Roald Dahl, Jack Prelutsky, Shel Silverstein or Lemony Snicket; but then those guys ain’t no Ima Bratt either! And it’s probably a good thing because Ima Bratt Roald Dahl Jack Prelutsky Shel Silverstein Lemony Snicket would be way too long to put on the cover of a book. Besides that, it would just look plain silly! Any-hoo, here are some kind words from people who happen to like Ima and the stuff she writes ( and are brave enough to admit it! ):

“What can I say? Ima Bratt is brilliant! Her first book “Rather Unpleasant Cautionary Tales for Ill-Mannered and Immoderate Children” is simply THE best book that I’ve had the pleasure of reading, in my WHOLE life, on any topic EVER! And I'm pretty old. Trust me, you need to buy this book and read it for yourself. I know Ima would certainly appreciate it.” 

-Shirley A. Bratt; Ima’s mother

“I love Ima Bratt's new book  “Rather Unpleasant Cautionary Tales for Ill-Mannered and Immoderate Children”. Not since Roald Dahl have I seen such a silly and irreverent collection of verse- and I mean that in a totally good way.”

-Lynette T.; Avid reader and overgrown child

By July 26, 2013

4 out of 5 book worms

Rather Unpleasant Cautionary Tales For Ill-Mannered And Immoderate Children

By Ima Bratt

60 pages – ages 8+

Published by Bratty Kid Books on April 14, 2013

This is a book full of short rhyming verse/stories about children and the end… of the children, that is. In this book, a girl explodes MID-TANTRUM! Isn’t THAT something? And a boy who does the opposite of what he’s told and gets eaten by bears at a zoo – Amazing right? And yet another boy gets eaten – by a giant fish who thought his tongue (which was always out) was a worm. I would hate to be him! Such ill-mannered children!

This has a CLEAR message about being good and listening to what you are told. If you aren’t good, bad things will happen (okay maybe you won’t explode or get eaten by a giant fish, but you could get grounded…;). I love that the book is all in rhyme verse, it really adds to the creepy feel of the book and it also is done well. I’m not a fan of horror stories at all and this book is not that. It’s kind of creepy but in a funny way. I think that maybe not all kids will get it, but I sure did and enjoyed it. The humor in the book felt a lot like what happens to the kids in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (like when Augustus Gloop falls into the chocolate river because he wants to eat it and gets sucked up the big tube). Ms. Bratt really puts out some snarkiness, in a quirky-good way (Hey – wouldn’t Quirky and Snarky be great names for twins in a story?), At 60 pages it was a quick read for me and would have liked a couple more stories in it for my age and reading level. The book is a clean read and is appropriate for all ages as long as they like this type of humor. I will be looking for the next Bratt book to come out!

I give this book 4 out of 5 book worms!

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AND REMEMBER TO BE GOOD! Or rather unpleasant things will happen….

4.0 out of 5 stars Hilariously Funny! June 28, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition  “Rather Unpleasant Cautionary Tales for Ill-Mannered and Immoderate Children”
I love reading aloud and I especially enjoyed reading this book aloud to my friend's seven-year-old son. The book contains five separate tales about five different characters, all written in rhyming poetry. The rhythm is fast and is what made these pacey tales such fun to read aloud.
My own personal favourite one was the first tale, `Marjorie Pearl.' She was hilariously funny and so wonderfully ridiculous she made us both laugh right from page one. Later, when I read it to my husband he laughed as well. I wonder could Marjorie ever have her own story and book?

The other stories were lots of fun too - with a school trip to the zoo providing a grizzly experience for Thad the lad. Then there was Priscilla May Pott who wants to take the star prize at the pageant but ends up stealing the show when she sings like a crow. Reggie the rude was such a fun dude as well. Last, but not least there's Candy Von Tweet, well all I can say about her is I'm glad don't live in her street.

As cautionary tales these hit the right note. I think the cautionary tale is timeless. There'll always be a place for them- as long as we have kids. Let's face it, we've got to have some stories that show consequences for bad behavior - something's got to counteract all the bad behavior they see `celebrities' getting away with the whole time.

In fact, there's one or two adults I know who could have benefited from having had these stories read to them as kids - before their obnoxiousness became irreversible.

So, if you don't want your kid growing up to be obnoxious, you just must buy them this book - no seriously - if you only buy one book to keep your kids entertained this summer - let this be it.

Format:Kindle Edition  “Rather Unpleasant Cautionary Tales for Ill-Mannered and Immoderate Children”
I don't like all the rhyming books- try reading them four times in a row and watch as your eyes cross. It's as though they are all using the same vocabulary book and just changing the sentences. Ima Bratt has reinvented the rhyming book with descriptive prose that is a roller coaster ride of the unexpected. I adored this book- but I will caution- it's not for everybody. I don't think I would read it to my own grandkids until they are quite older and can understand that the "Tales" are lessons and not meant to scare them. They are 'Unpleasant Tales" af children that do not follow rules and come to dire endings. Each story is a portrait of a child that thoughtfully and humorously drawn to give warnings of the consequence of what can happen when you eat too much candy, don't follow rules, have tantrums. It's not preachy, but almost has a Mad magazine quality to each Tale. Reading it brought back memories of the rather unpleasant children from Will Wonka- (the first one and one of my favorite movies as a child) My grandmother often read the original Grimms Fairy Tales to me, and I still have them ready to read to my own grandchildren. However, I don't know if their parents will allow them yet. They are scary! This book is scary! But I do wonder in our world where children are so quick to break laws- maybe they need to be scared. Read the book alone and you decide if it's appropriate. I gave five stars not because I think the book is necessarily right for young children- but becauseI think Ima Bratt is a genius.

By: The Olly Book Blog -Friday, 24 May 2013  8/10 

Rather Unpleasant Cautionary Tales for Ill-mannered and Immoderate Children - Ima Bratt
  This was a book that was sent to me by the author Ima Bratt, the book is a collection of clever poems about children who are unpleasant in some sort of way, and what happens to them because of how they act. The poems remind me a bit of Roald Dahls Charlie and the Chocolate factory, because of what happens to the children when they are bad. To be honest I've never been one for poetry but these poems were both witty and funny, so whats to dislike? These poems are perfect for reading to younger children at bedtime, maybe one at a time? 

  Perfect family poems to be enjoyed by everyone! 8/10
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