Bratt Gallery Hall of Shame

Misbehaved children have been put on notice by Ima Bratt’s witty, wickedly funny poems detailing the "hypothetically true" stories of five ill-fated youths and the humorous ( if unfortunate consequences  of  their “Ill-Mannered and

Immoderate" behavior. Allow us to introduce them to you

( but rememberdon't get too attached ):

Name: Marjorie Pearl

Crime: Fits and Temper Tantrums

"Marjorie Pearl was a horrible girl,

Who spit and swore and lied; and though her one saving grace was an angelic face, she was thoroughly rotten inside..."

Name: Thaddeus Dunn

Crime: Impertinent Disobedience

"Thaddeus Dunn would not obey any-

one, he did what-so-ever he pleased; Thad first started balking before he could start walking; every chance to rebel the kid seized..."

Name: Priscilla May Pott

Crime: Arrogant Vanity

"Priscilla May Pott was a bona-fide snot; she wasn't even one little bit nice. she sashayed everywhere, with her snout in the air; nothing about her was 'sugar and spice'..."

Name: Reggie "The Rude"

Crime: Tongue Sticker-Outer

"Reggie "The Rude" had a BAD attitude and he wasn't afraid to show it; if he didn't like you ( and he liked very 

few ), he was happy to let you know it..."

Name: Candy Von Tweet 

Crime: Unfortunate Excess

"Candy Von Tweet was exceedingly sweet, from her head right down to her toes; from her curly red peaks and her plump dimpled cheeks- all frilly lace, ribbons and bows..."