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My Latest Interview with Brian Feinblum

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Interview With Author Ima Bratt

What type of books do you write? My books are best suited for mature children and/or childish adults.

What is your newest book about? Although the title is a bit misleading, my book "Rather Unpleasant CAUTIONARY TALES for Ill-Mannered & Immoderate Children" is a collection of rather unpleasant cautionary tales for ill-mannered & immoderate children.

What inspired you to write it? I like to think that the stories I relate help to prevent potentially good children from becoming potentially wicked children that left to their own devices become potentially wicked adults. Heaven knows we don't need any more of those. You see, it’s not about making a name for myself, it's about creating a better world. But please, there's no need to thank me, really... I do it for the children.”

What is the writing process like for you? Well, in order for me to write my shocking exposés, first I have to stalk...I mean “observe”, potentially wicked children in their own habitat. This requires that I wear disguises, and in some cases camouflage, to avoid discovery. This is often a very grueling undertaking and, if I'm crouching in the bushes, can cause cramps. Other than that, I'd say my process is much like that of other writers- I sit down with my notes in front of the computer, down a box of Ho-Ho's in less than 60 seconds, and then riding the sugar high I type furiously until I crash and pass out. That, I believe, is how classics are born. Dr. Suess must have had an enormous Ho-Ho bill.

What did you do before you became an author? I lerned how to spel.

How does it feel to be a published author? Quite thrilling actually. But I won't let it go to my head; I've vowed never to forget the little people.

Any advice for struggling writers? I've heard that the more you struggle the faster you sink...move sloooowly.

Where do you see book publishing heading? Albuquerque. (scroll down)

Check Out The Latest Review Of My Book- Cool!

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Thanks a million to Erik for his great review of my book!


New Review from Grace Jolliffe

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Okay, it's me again! I just wanted to share children's author Grace Jolliffe's lovely and humorous review of my book: or

Thanks Grace! :D

New Review from Carole P. Roman

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I’d like to thank fellow author Carole P. Roman for her stellar review ( "stella cinque" to be exact ) of my book:

“Rather Unpleasant CAUTIONARY TALES for Ill-Mannered & Immoderate Children”. Check it out on her Blog at:

or at

Particularly noteworthy is her recognition of my genius! Very perceptive Carole :D; thanks again!

Hey Sophia- You Go Girl!

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A child after my own heart!


She's a real bookworm! Schoolgirl, 5, reads 875 books in just one school year


Sophia Moss, from Lake Charles, Louisiana reads a book nearly every day


Finished reading most books in the kindergarten and first grade section




Read more: http/

Kind Words From A Fellow Author

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My new friend and fellow author Mike Spinak wrote these glowing words on the Google+ Digital Publishing community, words for which I am infinitely grateful:

"I downloaded the preview version of your book. While the preview book is (sadly) incomplete, my impression, from Marjorie Pearl, is that your book appears to be excellent. I probably would have rated it at least 4 stars. It's significantly better than the previous 4 children's books I've read in the past week. It's rare and refreshing to see someone put this much thought, effort, creativity, and originality, into a children's book. From one children's book writer to another: kudos to you."

Thanks again Mike! :)

Check out Mike's Book "Growing Up Humming" on

Ima says "I Couldn't Agree More"

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I just had to share this quote from Mihn Le's article on the meeting of the literary minds this past weekend. The panel was held at Politics & Prose (DC’s preeminent independent bookseller) and featured some of the heaviest hitters in the [childrens book] industry.

Whimsy vs. Dark Matter: [Author/Illustrator Christopher] Myers was most passionate when describing his desire to go to the dark side in his subject matter. “Children are dark little beings,” he declared to the delight of the crowd, “we have to give them a place to channel it.” And while describing the challenges of finding the right balance between the whimsical and the serious, he warned about the dangers of dichotomizing the two. “We are giving kids ways to talk about their life, a vocabulary. If our stories only give them one or the other [the whimsical or the serious], then we have failed them.”

National Poetry Month

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Hi everybody, It's National Poetry Month and Ima Bratt is celebrating by releasing her first book "Rather Unpleasant Cautionary Tales For Ill-Mannered And Immoderate Children". As you can probably gather from the title, the tales inside are not pleasant. What you probably cannot gather from the title is the fact that they rhyme, which makes them, well... ya know, poetry. Sure, they aren't sweet, flowery, sentimental poems, but even tragedy counts if it rhymes- just ask Shakespeare.