Hello everyone- I'm taking a short sabbatical until ???. Of course I know that you will all miss me terribly- but please try not to weep openly. Take heart, for I shall return...

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"Rather Unpleasant CAUTIONARY TALES 


Ill-Mannered & Immoderate Children" 

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Fear Not Dear Readers!

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“Rather Unpleasant Cautionary Tales for Ill-Mannered and Immoderate Children”

is NOT your typical, boring, ho-hum, run-of-the-mill, dusty volume of stuffy old morals. No Siree Bob! ( or Jane or Eddie or…well, you get the picture ). Don’t let the somber title fool you, because although this book is admittedly rather unpleasant, it is also rather hilarious. A fun read for kids and adults alike. Well, what are you  waiting for  people?!  Go and  get it already!

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